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In-Fair Exhibition:
Land of the Midnight Sun

Vase by Benny Motzfeldt
Vase by Benny Motzfeldt

The May 2019 National Glass Fair once again hosted an interesting in-fair exhibition.

As much of Norway lies within the Arctic Circle it is commonly known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. During the summer months the sun does not entirely disappear below the horizon in the northernmost regions, which means that the sky does not completely fall into darkness at night.

As in other cultures, glass making and other artistic media are influenced by the experiences of Norwegian designers and the knowledge they have of their surroundings. This includes the landscapes, flora and fauna and most importantly the colours associated with the Norwegian habitat.

Green, blue, grey, brown, white and icy crystal abound throughout Scandinavian glass. You will also encounter occasional splashes of vibrant yellows, oranges, reds and pinks, which reflect the characteristic light of 'the midnight sun'. Designs often feature craggy and organic forms, reminiscent of the icy wastes, as well as austere smooth sculptural forms. An interest in Scandinavian history and heritage is another common motif: celebrated through the depiction of Vikings and longboats, as well as trolls and other imagery from folklore.

This exhibition featured an outstanding selection of Art Glass from the four main Norwegian glass manufacturers: Hadeland (founded in 1762 & still in existence), Magnor (1896–present), Randsfjord (founded in 1948 & taken over by Hadeland in the 1980s), and Plus Glasshytte (1958-1979). On display was work by a few of the chief designers associated with these factories, including Willy Johansson, Arne Jon Jutrem and Severin Brorby from Hadeland. There were also be a few examples of the innovative glass designs produced by Benny Motzfeldt (who worked with Hadeland, Randsfjord and Plus Glasshytte) - not to mention one or two pieces from Hermann Bongard, Gro Bergslien and Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge among others.

Scandinavian design and manufacture are highly regarded throughout the world and the glass produced in this region is often considered to represent the highest standards of creativity. We are confident that this small display of glass conveyed this aesthetic excellence.

At a future date we hope to hold an exhibition featuring more of Benny Motzfeldt’s glass designs.


Footed Bowl by Severin Brorby for Hadeland

Footed Bowl by Severin Brorby for Hadeland

Land of the Midnight Sun: Glass Exhibition Display
Land of the Midnight Sun: Glass Exhibition Display
Land of the Midnight Sun: Glass Exhibition Display
Land of the Midnight Sun: Glass Exhibition Display
Land of the Midnight Sun: Glass Exhibition Display
Land of the Midnight Sun: Glass Exhibition Display


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