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Broadfield House Glass Museum.

Broadfield House has established a reputation as one of the major glass museums in the world. The museum has an excellent collection of British glassware, much of which was made in the Stourbridge area. The museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions that cover the broad spectrum of glassmaking, from 18th Century tableware through to Victorian cameo and modern studio glass. There is also a studio, where visitors can learn about the skills of glassblowing.

Red House Cone Link.

The Red House Glass Cone gives an insight into the practices, history and traditions
of glassmaking. There are exhibition galleries, detailing the story of glassmaking
in the Stourbridge area, as well as the history of the cone itself. There are also
demonstrations by skilled glassblowers, who give a practical insight into the
various techniques of glass manufacture.

Corning Museum Link.

The Corning Museum of Glass is home to one of the world’s most comprehensive and celebrated collections of glassware. As well as detailing the many features of the museum, the Corning Museum Website also has an online archive, providing access to a wealth of information on the history and techniques of glass making.

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